Many of you are familiar with Phil Southerland's incredible non-profit organization, Team Type 1, which for the past several years has been dedicated to proving that people with diabetes can do just about anything. How about a grueling 3,000-mile run across America, from San Diego to New York City? They nailed it! And we got their triumphant arrival on video.

As a little background: Team Type 1 began as a simple gathering of competitive cyclists with type 1 diabetes. Today, there are a variety of different TT1 teams, including men's cycling, women's cycling, running, and triathlon — and also the new Team Type 2 branch of the organization.

Starting in 2005, the core Team Type 1 has participated in the Race Across America, and currently holds the record for fastest trans-continental crossing in just 5 days!

While cycling across the country is an incredible feat, Team Type 1 didn't stop there...

At the American Association of Diabetes Educators conference in 2010, Team Type 1 founder Phil Southerland and team captain Tom Kingery brainstormed the possibility of forming a team to run across the country. Within just a few weeks, they had a team rallied together! The runners included: Tom Kingery, Casey Boren, Brian Foster, Tom Grossman, Ryan Jones, Jon Obst, Matt Patrick, Kevin Powell, Ben Semeyn, Eric Tozer and Chris Zenker.

Team Type 1 Run Across America is not part of any official organized competition, but that doesn't mean the runners didn't take their preparation very seriously, training for months in preparation for the arduous journey.

On Oct. 28, 2011, Team Type 1 launched their run from Oceanside, CA, which is the same starting point as the cycling Race Across America. Throughout the journey, the team kept a log of the literal and figurative highs and lows in their adventure. Two weeks later, Team Type 1 raced into New York City to a crowd of cheering family and friends. We were fortunate to capture their arrival on video, plus we chatted with Team Captain Tom Kingery, founder Phil Southerland, and runner Brian Foster about their impressions of this mind-boggling cross-country run, and how they managed their diabetes while essentially running a marathon every day for 15 days in a row:

Be sure to watch this video until the very end, when you'll hear a very special message from all the runners!

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