Last week, I attended the 13th annual Children with Diabetes Friends for Life conference in Orlando (which also has added great new offerings for adults with type 1 in the last few years!). It was a wonderful event with almost 3,000 attendees, including parents, children, adults with diabetes and their significant others. All the leading diabetes pharmaceutical and device companies were exhibiting as well, and FFL attendees were lucky enough to get a closer look at the new t:slim insulin pump from Tandem, which just started accepting orders and will be shipping in August.

We discussed Tandem's lack of a return policy a few weeks ago, and just as Bernard Farrell noted recently, we're happy to report that Tandem has either changed their mind or has clarified their murky plans because they are now saying they will have a 30-day return policy on their insulin pumps. Good to know!

They won't, however, offer trials of the insulin pump before purchasing, which is why I feel pretty lucky to have had the chance to walk around with the t:slim pump for 24 hours.

When I say "walk around," I mean that literally, however.  Tandem offered all conference attendees over the age of 12 the chance to sign up for a 24-hour "trial" of its new pump. A total of 47 people participated. But we weren't actually able to wear the insulin pump, not even filled with saline (there was no set involved). That's a bummer, but at least we were able to fiddle with all of the settings and options. Being able to at least carry it around and play with it was more than we've had the chance to experience up until now...

There were some new tidbits we learned about and I was able to sense of some pros and cons by keeping the t:slim with me all day.


With the help of my husband (with whom I am celebrating one whole year of marriage today!), I filmed a little walk-through of my take on the t:slim:




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