OK, folks, here's my informal analysis of my very informal reader survey conducted on Diabetes Blog Day last week:

  • N = 26* (so far) -- 17 Type 1s, 5 Type 2s, 3 parents of Type 1s and one "other" (a med student studying to become an endocrinologist!)
  • Why do you visit this blog? Most said I'm funny and informative. Hooray! Diabetes has not impaired my ability to conduct research and be sarcastic about it. The majority of respondents said they like the news commentary, while a small percentage want more juicy details about my personal life (OK, OK, but note that I respect my kids' privacy, so you won't see their photos appearing here. Sorry... how 'bout more photos of me smoking syringes?)
  • What topics do you like best? Research info, new products and meds, D-links, funny stories, What can *I* do to better manage diabetes?, new ways to handle old diabetes issues... Well, I'll be darned if that list doesn't read just like my current editorial calendar! Nice to know we're in synch here, my D-friends ;)
  • Where do you find the biggest "information gap" between medical providers and patients? Mainly y'all said too many doctors who don't know enough, don't have enough time, and don't offer enough patient education. A few talked about the mental side of dealing with diabetes. We're all familiar with the need to be our own doctors, educate ourselves, and struggle for motivation over time...
  • What helps you fill that gap? I love how a few of you said "trial and error" or "begging and pleading." But Kerri summed it up best: "I fill the gap withfriends, family, The O.C. (online diabetes community), Joslin publications, Internet research, emailingother diabetics, and the occasional coffeehouse bitching fest." Ooh, and I'm working very hard to be part of this equation for many of you...
  • Biggest Daily Diabetes Gripe? Dumb question, wha? Answers spanned the gammut from "checking my blood sugars," to logging the numbers to "bad" infusion sites that hurt to new CGM technology takes to long to get to us! And then there's the motivation thing. I loved the reader who said: "I'd like a small voice inside my head motivating meto exercise 6 days a week." Me? I'd like a Carb-Counter-O-Matic, so I can stop the incessant guestimating and resulting corrections. With all this hot new diabetes technology on the horizon, is that so much to ask? Survey_says

* Not counting the one who found me "overly chipper and somewhat annoying" because I represent the "light-hearted side of diabetes." Well, DUH. Didn't I make that pretty clear in my blog header? Note that this individual didn't dare leave a real name or legitimate email address, so I had a mind to adhere to blog policy and delete the comment. Yet obviously that person has been around this blog enough to know my style -- and cared enough to bother commenting. Thus I decided not to delete it, but to consider this a win as well. HA! How's that for chipper?!

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