Too bad we're no longer conducting the DiabetesMine Design Challenge product design contest -- 'cause it seems that a whole new generation of young designers is now tackling diabetes tools with their minds wide open, which we love.

One example of these super-creative efforts to simplify diabetes devices is the so-called "Diabetes Kit for Kids" created by Dutch design student Melchior van Voorden.

Admittedly, the name could use some spice. "Kit" is awfully generic and reminds one of those play doctor's kits of old.  But check out the "system" that Melchior has designed. This is his view of what a "playful" tubeless insulin pump and controller especially for kids could look like:

Diabetes Kit for Kids

"The device combines the remote control of the pump with a blood glucose meter, lancing device, nutrition information, telephone, personal data and a button for emergencies," he explains.

Diabetes Kit - cartridge

"The appliance has space for a cartridge with needles and glucose monitoring points, so children don't have to deal with loose needles and strips anymore. The cartridge holds needles and glucose monitoring spots for 10 measurements."

Diabetes Kit - patch pump

"The rechargeable tubeless pump clicks in an insulin patch (replaced every 3 days) and launches a small cannula in the body. During the day the pump gives a basic amount of insulin. Using the device, you can give a bolus.

"... the comfortable shape of the pump feels like it's a plaster."

Diabetes Kit - pump colors

Both the cases and the patch pumps come in variety of fun colors. "Besides taking a bolus via the device, it's also possible to press on top of the pump," Melchoir explains.

You can read more about this sort of "OmniPod take-off for kids" at Melchior's project website.

This guy just graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven with a Bachelor's degree in design / focus on product design. He's got no funding or means to bring this product to market himself. But he's got big ideas, and he's "all about the final user of the product."

Someone in the Diabetes Industry: please hire him!

And to all the rest of our readers: please let us know what other grassroots super-creative solutions you may have heard about lately.

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