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Cookies - Gareth Intro Cartoon Dec. 2014



Thanks to our newest illustrator Gareth Morgan from England, who's actually debuting his artistic talent with the 'Mine today!

About Gareth

Gareth MorganHe's a fellow type 1 diagnosed as an adult in 2008, and a somewhat unlikely candidate to draw cartoons. By way of intro he tells us:

"For the past 20 years I've worked in biomedical research. My area of expertise is how things move around within cells -- the insulin molecule is great model for this type of work, much of which is done with microscopes. Following my diagnosis I went to DAFNE classes (diabetes training courses in the UK) at a large London teaching hospital like all the ones I've worked in. What I saw was people going blind, losing sensation in their nerves, people in denial, etc. Obviously, I was touched/terrified, but I realized we don't need more research; we need better communication!

"At the time of my diagnosis I was working with paper logbooks and in the two hours after dinner each night I used what was at hand (paper and pen) and started to draw and kick around ideas about diabetes. Over a couple of years I decided drawing could be helpful to communicate some of the issues I faced around diabetes. I saved up £s, quit my job in Neuroscience at The Maudsley Hospital and went to art school. I really enjoyed it and earned distinction -- a very different experience to my PhD, but equally valid. They weren't sure at first diabetes could be art...

"I've spent the last year thinking about how to visually communicate ideas around diabetes over the Internet. I like to work in ink and humor but I am aware the web offers greater potential than just conveying static images.

"I'm now on a new journey. I am a full-time artist reliant on what income I can get from drawing at the moment. I am putting together funding applications and a team to make large public art about diabetes. Art has been more accepting of diabetes than the diabetic medical establishment is of art about diabetes. There is much to do."

You can find more of Gareth's illustrations here, along with his video creations on his YouTube channel. Be sure to also follow Gareth on Twitter at the handle @GazzaMorgan1.

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