We skipped yesterday's prompt on Diabetes Blog Week for our regular weekly advice column, so today we bring you two treats:

First, our Sunday Funnies, addressing the Saturday D-Blog Week prompt... Diabetes Art.

Hey, dance is an art form ya know!


 Dancing With Diabetes D-Cartoon



Now, there's a reality show we in the Diabetes Community could really get into! As always, we appreciate the talent of cartoonist Terry Keelan, a fellow type 1 living in Southern California who is very active with the athlete's group Insulindependence.


Second, a selection of our favorite 2013 D-Blog Week posts, per the final prompt of this year, asking us to Spread the Love:

We saw so many great posts that it's tough to pick and choose just a few... but these three D-Blog Week posts in particular definitely caught our eye this week:Blue-Thumbs-Up-225x300

  • Everyone has a story, and there are already so many being shared online in our Diabetes Community. What's awesome is that ever-more people are realizing they aren't alone, and new connections are being made at lightening speed. For those on the fence about whether they should blog or not, fellow type 1 D-Blogger Scott Johnson has a great message: "Just Do It." Yup, the Nike tagline isn't just for athletes anymore; it's a call to action for the D-Community, too!
  • Ginger Vieira at DiabetesDaily reminds us that there's always more than one side to a story than what we think, and you cant judge a book (or PWD) by what you see on the surface. A comment she once heard as a youngster in school has stuck with her through the years, and it's one worth sharing and repeating... "Oh, I thought your life was perfect." Thanks for this very heartfelt post, Ginger.
  • Our friend Jessica Apple over at A Sweet Life put a brilliant spin on Tuesdays prompt to create a petition, and this one re-energized us about advocating for the Blue Circle but also left us craving some Blue M&Ms... nicely done, Jess!

Those are the top three that caught our eye, but Mike says I'd be remiss if we didn't also mention his own Memory post that led to his connecting with a fellow PWD who's an alumnus from the same diabetes camp in Southeast Michigan that he (briefly) attended as a kid. Reva blogs at TypeOneDerful, and thanks to D-Blog Week they were able to actually meet for the first time at a JDRF conference this weekend! Another fun D-Meetup, thanks to the DOC!


Thanks to Karen Graffeo at Bitter-Sweet Diabetes for hosting another great year of this online adventure, and for the more than 100 DOC voices that contributed each day!

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