You knew it was coming, and now is the time, Folks: launch of the 2009 Summer Reading Guest Post Series here at the 'Mine.

summer_2009I'll be traveling most of the next four weeks, first domestically, and then in Germany and Holland.

And what will be happening here at the blog? Even more informative fun than last year, I hope.  I've been very fortunate to be able to invite some of the country's premiere experts on a variety of D-topics to share their smarts and their opinions with our community directly via  Again, each one will be clearly marked as a guest post so you'll know who's doing the talking.

I'll also be continuing my Wayback Wednesday D-blog nostalgia series, and I can attempt to update you a bit on my travel whereabouts, but no promises there; web access is gp-logo-1-notebook-150x150spotty at best some places I am going (gulp).

btw, this is of course a vacation with diabetes, not from diabetes — so you oughta see the pile of D-supplies my husband and I are both schlepping!  On the topic of vacations with/from diabetes, please see my latest article over at DiabeticConnect, accessible here.

NOTE: Comments will be open as usual, but do excuse me if I don't reply immediately in these next few weeks.  You are also more than welcome to comment on any and all Guest Posts - the authors have been alerted to look out for your input.

Salut. Or Tschuss for now, as we say in German.

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