I asked for some input on what a new diabetes web site could offer, and I got it - Thank You! Ahem... ask a silly question, get a silly answer, right? I mean it should have been obvious that the No. 1 thing that fits under the heading "StupidDiabetes.com" is humor!

The general consensus seems to be, in Kurt's words, "Too much of this damn disease is about avoiding dying. If we can lighten up a bit, maybe we can lower our blood pressures and enjoy the life WE DO HAVE..." Amen.

In the words of one reader, "I would love to go somewhere where I can just post something funny or laugh at someone else's funny tit bit." (sic)

{Hehe! See? That little gaffe made my day right there}

"A Good Choice??"

On top of that, a place for some regular VENTING seemed to be a popular idea. I love that concept! You don't have to design and maintain your own full-blown blog to want to share a story now and then. And people seemed to agree that there could be a bit of teaching and learning integrated in there as well.

I particularly like the way Penny described it: sharing daily diabetes "blooper stories" just for fun, and then "after the letting go, the carrying on" — with a section for readers to exchange information and also much-needed supplies.

The second half of that would require quite a bit of work and resources to get it built and going, so that may be a future vision. In the meantime, it sure could be could be fun to go with Kristin's advice and "make StupidDiabetes.com like an online stress ball." People could vent in words and images (samples enclosed).

"What - Not There??"

What comes to mind is something along the lines of Scott Hanselman's OverheardAtHome, an open wiki-type blog for sharing funny parenting anecdotes. I understand that site was inadvertently modeled after the far-snarkier OverheardInNewYork site (read at your own risk).

Anyhoo, I couldn't agree more that Humor = Much-Needed Medicine.

Now, to the three winners of those "Diabetes Rising" books:

These names were picked completely at random, using our our high-precision standard procedures (er?)

Drumroll, please ...............................

And the winners are:

Stuart Schaffert

Lucinda, and

Kristin of IdoDiabetes

Will you three lucky folks kindly send your mailing addresses to me for shipping purposes here? I promise to keep the packages free of blood stains and renegade test strips (stupid diabetes!)

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