As a person with Type 1 diabetes, whose life is all wrapped up in helping others with this incurable illness, it's hard to express the relief and yes — joy — that I feel knowing that researchers hands will finally be untied by Obama today to freely explore the enormous possibilities of stem cell research!

barack-obamaFortunately for me, another journalist living with Type 1 named Mike Littwin at the Denver Post has just done an excellent job explaining "our viewpoint" and the ramifications in a column titled  "Years Late, Science is on Top in DC."  Mike wears a pump and a CGM, and is grateful for the technology, but he feels like an android, he says.  And he cannot understand those who refuse to "go where the science leads." Bravo, Mike!

In case you somehow missed the big news, President Obama will be signing an Executive Order lifting the federal ban on funding embryonic stem cell research on Monday in a ceremony at the White House.  JDRF has been sending out updates, and will have various volunteers and staff members on hand to represent the Foundation.

"This is a special moment for everyone who has worked so hard over the past decade.  JDRF wants to make sure that, even though everyone that made this moment possible can't be at the White House, we can get you as close as possible to the Oval Office!"

To make that possible, they've set up a special Twitter feed allowing JDRF's own Larry Soler, EVP of JDRF Government Relations, to Twitter directly from the White House.  Follow him here:


That's why I love JDRF — they are so "on it."  I'm sorry, but can you imagine anyone from ADA Twittering from the White House? (maybe I'm not giving them enough credit, but the image just doesn't come...)

Also, I'm excited to announce that I will be interviewing Larry Soler myself on Monday, so hopefully can bring you all the "inside story" from JDRF's point of view here on the 'Mine by Tuesday am.

As the Denver Post's Littwin writes: "We just had Darwin's 200th birthday. And now we have, just in time, a return to the day where politicians don't get to decide the science for us. It sounds a lot like evolution."

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In case you're not a Twitter user yet, some simple instructions to get started:

  1. Visit and click 'Join Now'.
  2. Provide a few pieces of information for your Twitter page.
  3. You're all set!  Larry's updates will begin in the morning before the event begins, continue through the signing ceremony, and conclude after the post-event receptions.

JDRF says: See you from the Oval Office!

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