Here it is, Folks: the link to our grassroots survey about why we, the patients, believe that diabetes technology matters. Click HERE or on the hot-linked image below.


Thanks to Kelly Close of Close Concerns for putting this together, and Jeff Hitchcock of CWD for his support. I'd like to clarify that the aim here is NOT to knock Kahn or the ADA, but simply to give the patient community a chance to stand behind this statement:

"We support better reimbursement for diabetes technology and education to teach and learn the technology."

The information gathered will be compiled and sent to insurance companies and government bodies in the form of an ad hoc research report. As Kelly notes, "Our hope is that a groundswell of support for diabetes technology will just be one more sign to the policymakers in Washington, DC, that they shouldn't try to be cheap with patients with diabetes. We have all seen the warning signals."

Personally, my conviction runs this way:

I didn't ask to get diabetes. I do not enjoy struggling with it every day of my life. I do not wish to die knowing that I did not do my best to speak out on behalf of myself and all the other people out there toiling every day to avoid the short AND long-term complications of this disease.

Here's a chance for us to act as our own best advocates. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey, and pass the link on to every affected PWD you know.

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Thank you!

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