Our 2015 DiabetesMine Patient Voices Contest focused on diabetes life hacks -- simple tricks to make life with this perplexing illness easier or better in some practical wLife Hack iconay. We were thrilled by, and appreciative of, the ingenuity of the many ideas that came in.

Today we share a smattering of these hacks, from across the spectrum of participants, in no particular order -- just randomly, if you will, the way the need for diabetes fixes hits us all in real life:


“I buy glucose tablets in bulk to save money, and re-use old pill containers to carry just the right amount when traveling.” - Dan P.

Diabetes Life Hack - Glucose Tablets


*  *  *

“When I’m not sure if a soft drink at a restaurant is Regular or Diet, I test my blood sugar first, then dip my finger in the drink and test again. Easy way to catch a sugary Coke before drinking it!” - Catheine F.

Diabetes Life Hack - testing Coke


*  *  *

“I use a waterproof money belt to keep my diabetes supplies clean and dry, and athletic pants with discrete zipper pockets for emergency glucose.” - Chelsey A.

Diabetes Life Hack - Outdoor activity gear

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“This one takes a little Macgyvering: I take a large tic-tac container and hot-glue it to an air freshener holder, spray a little white pant inside the container, and boom -- now you have a mobile hazardous material waste can!!” - Greg N.

Diabetes Life Hack - mobile strips container


*  *  *

“I measured exactly which glasses in my kitchen hold 3 or 4 ounces only. When I have a low blood sugar at home, I just grab one of those glasses, fill it with juice and down it without worrying that I’m over-treating. It’s cheaper than juiceboxes and who doesn’t love treatment served in a fancy glass?” - Kelly K.

Diabetes Life Hack - fancy glass for hypo treatments


*  *  *

“I’ve had a few meltdowns when I lost my Dexcom receiver. Now I use the app 'Tile' to keep track of it. I put the little 'Tile' in my Tallygear case and now when I can't find it, I just pull up the app on my phone, and it locates it with GPS.  It even plays a sound when it’s buried under clothes! The most dramatic recovery was finding the MIA Dexcom at a restaurant across town." - Pamela S.

Diabetes Life Hack - Tile app


Diabetes Life Hack - Tile app screen shot

*  *  *


“When our daughter was first diagnosed, doing injections was a little intimidating and overwhelming, especially because we had to mix insulins. I was particularly worried about making errors and skipping an important step. I used the Paperless phone app to create an injections checklist. I typically use this app for shopping and packing lists, but it worked great for diabetes management! I would open the list and check off every step as I went along.” - Polina B.

Diabetes Life Hack - checklist on phone

*  *  *


“Everyone in diabetes online groups complains about secure tape-down issues for their continuous glucose monitor. I just apply a Breathe Right strip first, and then a favorite tape product over the top. This gives the needed push-down-into-skin tension to keep my CGM comfortably in place.” - Amy G.

Diabetes Life Hack - Breathe Right

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“Low supplies can seem to just vanish out of thin air sometimes, especially when you're a commuter and have a lot on your mind. I therefore stuff every little crevice of my car -- holders made for phones, glove compartments, and so forth -- with little bits of candy. Smarties, Starburst, even candy necklaces! Whatever works to bring my BG up on the go.” - Kristi C.

Diabetes Life Hack - glove compartment

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More of these life hacks, including the video entries we received, are being compiled as part of the 2015 Patient Voices video that we'll unveil at and after our annual DiabetesMine Innovation Summit this Fall. Stay tuned!

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