Since living with diabetes is all about struggling to eat like a normal human being, I bring to you what I am calling my BOB/BOW post in honor of Diabetes Awareness Month:  In my quest to be a better snacker, and a less guilt-ridden PWD, I have queried the diabetes community about their "Best of the Best / Best of the Worst" snack choices. Essentially, using Twitter and the DBMine Facebook page, I asked you all to share your favorite healthy snacks, and those you found irresistibly "bolus-worthy."

The main trends I discovered in healthy snacks are nuts and vegetables. Darn it, I have trouble with both!  Nuts are just so full of fat, and I find it next to impossible to restrict myself to that modest little handful that's supposed to suffice. Vegetables can be yummy, but only when covered with just the right, tasty and not-too-fatty dip. Ask my friends: I'm on a Holy Mission to find the perfect veggie dip. Recommendations welcome!

Bolus-worthy trends seem to lean toward ice cream and treats of the chocolate variety. Oh, how I concur! Why bother with anything else sugary, if you can have chocolate? But WHY does it have to be so difficult to dose for?  Who else often uses extended bolus to cover the fat content, but overcompensates and ends up low at 2am? What, just me?

In any case, here's a quick run-down of input. Thank you, my food-challenged Friends!


P. Reilly: dehydrated flax chips w/ raw almond butter.

Cara: Almonds. I LOVE almonds.

Claire: addicted to baby carrots and TLC crackers together.

Laura Brandes: Carrots are up there. Celery with PB or cream cheese (is cream cheese healthy?). Almonds.

Anne: Hummus and veggies. It's addicting.

Duncan Roberts: Probably cheese or peanuts. I love both and don't need extra insulin but you... do walk a fine line between healthy and unhealthy when you love them as much as I do. Portion control is key!

Anne Findlay: Dried fruit... Especially mangoes. (Wait, isn't that totally high-carb?)

Jenny Y: Duncan, I have to agree with your healthy snack and add in pumpkin seeds. I could eat bags of them, although I know the sodium content is not any better for me!

Annie Millar Auerbach: Healthy snack = nuts! And I mean that....

Stacey D: I like Yoplait Delights + Kozy Shack tapioca.

Lisa B: I used to live on string cheese and Greek yogurt. Since I can't have dairy, now I eat fiber bars and PB on celery.

Karen Goldstein: cucumber slices and homemade salsa - OK, it doesn't need to be homemade but that way you can control the salt, and it's so easy to make up a batch.


P. Reilly: organic dates stuffed with Wasabi almonds.

Cara: A Snickers or Oreo Cheesecake Blizzard from Dairy Queen

Bernard: Butterscotch pudding or apple pie. Of course apple pie is really a complete meal :-)

Jaimie: a Cliff Kids brownie Zbar! =)

Laura Brandes: I definitely have a weak spot for cookies. I think popcorn is a pretty healthy snack. However, it does require a bolus and, more often than not, melted butter. This makes its categorization a bit muddled. Wherever it falls though, popcorn is good.

Anne Evans: Bolus-worthy? Donuts! And I have Celiac, so I have to eat gluten-free donuts! Still worth it. (Really Anne? I haven't met one yet)

Duncan Roberts: It has to be brownies. As chocolatey as they can be, a little bit crunchy on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside.

Jenny Y: I'm going with caramel corn or candy apples - carnival treats are my weakness!

Annie Millar Auerbach: Bolus-worthy would absolutely hands-down have to be homemade chocolate chip cookies followed by a close second of ice cream.

Cherise: chips, ice cream and cupcakes

Karen Goldstein: Dulce de Leche ice cream. Haven't had it in about a year. Thanks for the reminder!! Just kidding, love all the comments.

Fantastic input, thanks again. Me? I try to be "good" by snacking on lite cheese sticks and turkey bologna. But when I am "bad," I am very, very bad with too many tortilla chips and too much of a good thing. Yum.

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