OK, I know: HealCam sounds like something off vintage Late Night David Letterman. But in fact, it's quite the futuristic service.

It's a new, interactive video chat site for people with medical issues to talk to each other, being developed by my friends over at Medgadget.com.

HealCam's tagline is: "Talk. Listen. Heal."  It's an extremely simple concept.  All you do is press "Start" and choose a health category (diabetes is one of the first available!), and you will be automatically connected to a random person who's also online and wants to chat about diabetes (because it's new, not that many are there just yet). Of course, the visuals won't work unless your computer has a built-in camera, but most do these days.

HealCam is currently in "beta testing," i.e. not yet officially launched, but it is open for DiabetesMine readers as an "exclusive sneak peak." FYI, the site will be ad-supported and currently connects you only with random chat partners - you can't choose who you want to talk to, but you can immediately hang up and move on to the next partner just by clicking the "Find/Next" button in case you're unhappy with your first conversation.

The editors have also not yet implemented any registration requirements, so anyone can jump on and use the service. This worried me a little bit re: kids. Who wants them to be video chatting with some random stranger?  But the editors assure me that more functionality and safeguards will be built in as the site matures.

So go check it out!  The only thing that Medgadget editors are asking from us is our feedback: please let them know if you run into any connectivity or video issues, or if you have any specific suggestions for helping HealCam to get better (ooh, pun well-taken!).

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