I just discovered two new-ish diabetes products with cutsey names: Sidekick and Amigo (unrelated). Heh -- the branding experts sure get it that we PWDs have an intimate relationship with our D-gadgets. Here are the details:Sidekick_animation_2

SIDEKICK from Home Diagnostics, Inc., is a compact little BG meter built right into the test strip vial. It's apparently the smallest blood glucose testing system on the market. It's available at drug stores everywhere, and very convenient for take-along I'm sure, but it does have a few drawbacks: no lancing device included (you're expected to use one you already own), no storage/downloading of data, and price. It appears to cost at least $32 a pop without insurance, and it might be difficult to convince your insurance carrier that you need this PLUS a regular monitor and supplies. But good for emergencies and special outings like a day hike, I suppose.

Amigo_blueangle300w_1AMIGO Insulin Pump from Nipro Corporation, a multi-billion dollar company headquartered in Osaka, Japan, that's been a healthcare leader since 1954. (It manufactures more than 85% of the insulin pumps used in Japan.) The Amigo was designed especially for the American market, with special ultra-durable plastic that comes in a choice of six colors! The pump is waterproof -- tested in 12 feet of water for 30 min -- and built with a "stepper motor" with a fixed drive nut attached directly to the insulin cartridge to deliver accurate results regardless of altitude or air pressure. The company brags that this is "the SUV of insulin pumps." (Despite a short-lived product recall last year.) You can judge for yourself by checking out the comparison data.

I'm particularly curious about new D-gadgets at the moment, as after 2.5 years, the novelty of this diabetes stuff seems to be wearing off! I need a new contraption, at least, to get my motivation and my D-control in gear. Definitely getting more serious about the possibility of pumping.

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