Hey there, D-Peeps! February may be a shorter month, but that doesn't mean our Diabetes Online Community is short of amazing content.

What a month this has been! We've actually seen some of the moAround The Blogosphere Logo February 2013st inspiring, encouraging, and best attributes of our community shining through.... along with some tougher moments when emotions ran high. 

Above all, this community has proven once again how full of passion we are.

Here we go with this month's collection of some of the top "must-read" posts that caught our eye, in no particular order:


Heart Bullet PointWe started the month off with the ever-popular Diabetes Art Day, now in its 5th year, and hundreds shared their own creative expressions. Take a look at the 2014 gallery!


Heart Bullet PointInspiration was everywhere with the second annual Spare A Rose, Save A Child campaign that was a huge success, raising an official total of $27,265 in a two-week span leading up to Valentine's Day and saving so many lives! Kerri Sparling at SUM has the official word about the campaign's impact, while fellow D-Advocates Jess Collins at Me and D and Sara Nicastro at Moments of Wonderful offered perspectives on why this is so important. And D-Mom Meri Schumacher shares a heart-warming story about how she did her part to help out. A big congrats on this to all in the DOC!


Fellow Type 1 Kris Freeman made it to his 4th Olympic Winter Games, and his high-powered cross-country skiing efforts served as a major inspiration to so many of us. Not only did a few DOC'ers share their thoughts about how inspiring he is, but Kris also sent a big "Thank You" through is own D-blog!


Remember all those Big Blue Tests that our community did back in Fall 2013? Well, the Diabetes Hands Foundation has been analyzing all the results and has created a great graphic revealing what that data-crunching shows... Good stuff!

BBT Data


Heart Bullet PointThe DOC lit up with responses to an advice column written by Miss Manners, implying that testing glucose and other D-management tasks should not be done in public.  Dozens of bloggers shared their reactions by commenting on the original column and the later response by Ms. Manners herself and her type 1 son Nicholas, which we published here at the 'Mine. There are too many well-written posts on this topic to mention them all, but a few that stood out were insightful pieces by Sara Nicastro at Moments of Wonderful, Scott E at Rolling in the D, and Rachel over at Probably Rachel.


Heart Bullet PointWe have a ton of admiration for those PWDs who've lived with diabetes for decades upon decades, and Kitty Castellini is one of those veteran-D friends near and dear to us. She shared a guest post on Medtronic's Loop blog that's definitely worth a read.


NEDA Week Logo 2014


Heart Bullet Point

In recognition of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week during the final week of the month (as in, this week!), there were a number of great write-ups from our friends in the DOC. Of course, we have to remember all the D-Advocates who've shared perspectives on this sensitive topic. But one recent post that really stood out was from D-blogger Christel Marchand Aprigliano, who shared her honest and revealing perspective on the struggles she has -- and still does -- live with when it comes to food and diabetes. No way to say enough about this post, "The Mirror"...


Heart Bullet PointD-Mom Moira McCarthy Stanford over at Despite Diabetes lets her daughter's wisdom take the lead in this post, in which she explores the best tool to help a teen with diabetes. Go on, you know you're curious!


Heart Bullet PointWe've all been there, dealing with extremely high and low blood sugars. D-blogger Jen Grieves at the Thought Catalog describes how she's experienced the Lowest Low and the Highest High.


Heart Bullet PointMaking sense of the unpredictable can be frustrating, and one D-Dad over at A Life Less Ordinary shares some of the fam's latest Increased Frustration when it comes to diabetes management. Sending you the best, Friend!


Heart Bullet PointD-Mom Barb Wagstaff at Diabetes Advocacy found herself struggling to get used to her son's new insulin pump, and had to remind herself that it's not a toy... a fun read!


Back to the D-Future

Heart Bullet PointOur friend George Simmons of Ninjabetic brings back his YouTube Tuesday series with a funny new video that any Back To The Future fan will surely love... and it features a fellow D-Peep, the very funny Brad Slaight who plays Dr. Banting himself! Totally worth watching; just make sure your insulin dosing at the time isn't set to 1.21 units or who knows what may happen...? :)


Heart Bullet PointOur type 2 friend and D-blogger Bob Pedersen over at T Minus Two gives us a look into how he's been struggling with depression lately, and what he's been doing to come Out of the Dark. Please send Sir Bob some well-wishes, and let him know that we're here for him.


We share our favorites every month, but we want to include yours! Please send along your D-post picks for the month of March to us via email. We look forward to hearing from y'all.

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