So I struggled with my conscience for several days over whether to do the "vote for me" post. That is, nominations are in for the first annual Diabetes Blog Choice Awards -- organized by our own energetic Allison Blass, thank you! -- and I am moved to find I'm nominated in five different categories.Blogchoice

There is no money, and no tangible prizes involved. But simply being nominated so many times is just about the coolest "thank you" I can think of for nearly a year of bustin' my behind blogging about diabetes -- all of these readers and fellow D-bloggers taking the time to submit DiabetesMine!

And what I realized as well is that what is truly inspirational is the fact that there are enough of us now to warrant an Online Community site and an Awards Program at all. Geez, there must be more than 30 new diabetes blogs since I started publishing here. New ones seem to pop up every week, to the point where I've left off trying to announce every single one the minute it appears. Whew!

Just imagine what's going through Kathleen Weaver's mind: the pioneer, who started Living with Diabetes YEARS before most of us knew what a "blog" was. And look at us now! We're quite the diverse community of personal diabetes publishers.

And I don't think of us as "patients," btw, so much as a bunch of people touched by diabetes.

Which brings me to a related anecdote I've been meaning to share. Our neighbors' daughter down the street, a gal who used to babysit for us a few years ago (!), now has a nice career started in one of the major pharma companies providing diabetes drugs (to remain anonymous). In any case, now that she is all grown up as a "medical professional" dealing with diabetes, she sends cute little encouraging glances and phrases my way whenever we happen to meet.

Just the other day, jogging on our local nature trail, I bumped into her running with a male friend. "Ah, there's that diabetes patient trying to exercise," she must have thought, because she called out: "Good job, Erin!" Now nevermind that she can't remember my @#$!% name, but her little cheer came just as I was passing the two of them, as they were huffing and puffing to make it up the hill. "For God's sake, I'm half your weight, and I was teaching aerobics at grad school when you were in third grade!," I thought. "So don't patronize me just because I have diabetes."

Know what I mean? Yeah, I bet many of you do. So thanks for just being out there, Diabetes Community. I love you all. Now go vote!

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