Diabetes. That all-consuming pain in the @$$... But I like to remind myself that there are worse things.  No, really, there are.  Make a list.  Here's mine:Head_in_hands_woodguy_1

1. Aging.  The front of my hair is getting thin.  And my face looks so drawn in photos these days. I miss that fresh-faced girl.

2. The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome -- crippling for anyone who sits at a keyboard as much as I do.

3. Gluten-intolerance.  No wheat = high-maintenance lifestyle. Ugh.

4. Yeast where it doesn't belong. Enough said.

5. Future Anxiety -- which I try to keep in check -- but what will become of us someday? Will we have kidney failure and become incontinent?  (Sorry, but the mind is unruly at times)

6. Parenting Anxiety -- what will become of our little ones?  Will they contract some (possibly worse) chronic disorder?  Or worse yet, run into some loon who turns out to be a predator?

7.  "Too Profitable to Cure."  If this is The Anadulterated Truth, may all the responsible parties be struck by lightening.

There now.  Feel better?  Me neither.  But it helps to share.

Editor's note: I was tempted to add "housework" to this list, but decided that might be just a little too whiney.

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