I've had a few quite intriguing anonymous tips in the last few days.

No. 1: The updated, and much upgraded, version of MiniMed's Guardian RT Vipversion2stamp continuous monitor is possibly approved -- or a hair from approval -- by the FDA. Apparently version 2.0 is "totally kick-ass," sporting every feature you can think of and some you probably never would've dreamed of. Ready for nationwide roll-out by the end of this year?

If this is true, it's looking like rather bad news for Abbott Diabetes, whose competitor CGM Navigator is still stuck at the starting gate with the FDA. My understanding is that Abbott made a misstep by submitting its technology as a replacement for traditional fingerstick glucose meters, which has made it much harder for the FDA to swallow, accuracy-wise.

No. 2: Several companies are working on "OmniPod copycats" -- i.e. wireless insulin pumps that require the user to wear only a small pod (the insulin reservoir) attached to the body, which is managed by a separate, remote-controller unit that also doubles as your glucose meter. In short, OmniPod is the coolest thing to happen to insulin-dependent diabetics since the advent of the insulin pump itself. The company has won a host of design awards, so no wonder others are scrambling to create "me too" products. More good news for us!

No. 3: An unnamed company is also working on a new disposable insulin pump with two reservoirs. I said "intriguing," didn't I?

That's all I know at the moment. But in case you like to follow pharma industry gossip, check out PharmaGossip. You won't be sorry.

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