Gracing the cover of this month's Diabetes Forecast magazine: rocker Bret Michaels, lead singer of Poison. Actually, he and his 'betes have been all over the media lately. Nice to know that even oversexed rock-stars living in the fast lane can really keep a handle on their BG control, ay?

Bretmichaels I mean, this guy went out with Pamela Anderson, for God's sake. (Weelll... they probably stayed in more than they went out). His über-trashy new VH1 reality show Rock of Love has been called "compelling TV for all the wrong reasons." This is the one where 25 bimbos ladies compete to be his next sex kitten uh, date.

But when it comes to Type 1 diabetes, Bret's just a regular PWD guy, it seems. Check out his stats:

Dx'd: age 6

Current age: 44 (so 38 years D and counting)

Regimen: checks BG at least 6-10x/day; 4 insulin shots/day

Track record: more than 55,000 insulin shots and 111,000 blood glucose (BG) checks thus far

Thoughts on pumping insulin: he's "not cosmetically ready for the pump just yet."

And this is where our worlds collide... That's what I'm talkin' about, Baby: what we need are insulin pumps for the body-conscious.

You don't have to be tattooed and chiseled to want an insulin delivery device that's less obtrusive, and more comfortable for sports, sleeping, bathing, sex and so on than most of the current offerings.

Luckily, there are some design mavens out there who've picked up on Bret's and my call for "bringing sexy back." They've also got the idea that we need to reduce and consolidate all the disparate "pieces" of the D-management system that we currently have to carry around and keep track of. And they get the notion that we want NO (or at least fewer) needles involved. I can't tell you who or how just yet.

But let me just say that these consumer design experts are poised to genuinely and truly rock our D-world. And when they do, I'm glad dudes like Bret will be around to sing their praises.

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