First, the really ugly revelation: apparently my new diabetic self can no longer tolerate cocktails. Uggghhh. Yet another enjoyable consumable that's off my list. I thought it was the jet lag, but apparently it was just the hard liquor that was making me sick after dinner every night. OK, so I'm sipping German Sekt very gingerly and squinting my eyes to make all those fantastic European baked goods look a little less appealing. *Sigh*

Secondly, I have no idea how most European diabetics manage carb counting! The packages over here do not list carbs per serving -- oh, no, much too easy for the consumer! Instead, every package lists number of carbs per 100 grams of food. Great, so I've got a package of snack pretzels that weighs just 75g in total, and I'm only eating about a third of it right now. Have I mentioned how much I hate math? Especially when I'm forced to do the math just in order to enjoy some paltry bit of food. Aergerlich! (as we say in German).

Finally, I read in the newspaper here that the incidence of Type 1 diabetes in children is going up dramatically (can't seem to locate the article online to quote the numbers). But they mentioned two conflicting theories on what's causing the increase:

1) the notion that the human immune system is underchallenged in our Western Industrialized overly sterile environment, thus in the need to fulfill its fighting purpose, the system attacks natural elements of the healthy body...


2) the opposite -- our immune systems are overwhelmed, and therefore going haywire.

Which is to say, the scientific community here KNOWS NOTHING either. May I just say: Disappointed!! So much for the idea of Europe being at the forefront of medical progress. I guess they're still able to make progress toward finding a cure, since that work focuses on saving or regenerating the insulin-producing cells, right? But it sure seems to stand on shaky ground when no one seems to have the slightest idea what's kicking the autoimmunity in gear in the first place. Sheesh! Now if I could just have a Martini, things wouldn't look so bleak ;)

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