We never really get a vacation from diabetes. Never.  But this last month is about the closest I've come since diagnosis.  What a treat!No, I didn\'t eat that

Despite a few D-blips here and there, my BG management went smoothly enough to recede to the background while I enjoyed sun, surf, friends, family, museums, walks in the woods, and a few too many calories, I daresay.  In a sense, being in Europe with so many faces from the past transported me to an earlier time — a simpler time, before the children, and in particular, before my life was all about this cumbersome disease.  It felt like a visit to my former life, and I liked it.

It also didn't hurt that I was pretty much offline for nearly three weeks (aside from a peek in now and then).  So I also feel like I've been on a getaway to a place called Planet Offline, a relaxing spot where your day is not punctuated by urgent emails and Google Alerts; where your head isn't anchored in front of a screen; where, in fact, your cell phone rarely rings.  I'm sure I couldn't stay in that place too long without going batty, but for a short stopover, it was almost as refreshing as the spa.

A huge enormous Thank You to all my wonderful Guest Bloggers for making this break possible!  The Guest Post series went so well, in fact, that it's going to remain a regular feature here at The Mine.  (Please let me know which editions you liked best, and what you all might like to read more of.)

And now for some notes from my travel log:

* Maintained my perfect record in "don't ask/don't tell" diabetes air travel; never once been questioned about all those sharps in my bag.

* Changed my insulin pod in a gritty beach bathroom, in the crumbling backroom of a historic café, and in two different airplane lavatories.  Note to self: pick a lavatory with the baby changing table, for goodness' sake. You need the wiggle room!

* Discovered that Bloody Mary's are diabetes-friendly!  The extra-zesty Mexican version didn't raise my BG, even when I was a tad hungover from a long night at Cabo Wabo (not my idea, I swear ;) )

* Serious lack of low-carb/no-carb beverage options in Europe. If I see another bottle of Coke Light anytime soon I'm going to puke.  Crystal Light: where are you when we need you?!

* Gained at least 3 pounds enjoying gluten-free treats. (It feels like more.) Getting serious about weight loss/maintenance strategies now. More on that later.

Anyway, I'm baaaaack.  A bit jet lagged and snowed under.  A bit befuddled at the pace of my US existence.  But very appreciative of this American life we've built just the same.

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