Maybe I'm just too cynical (surprise, surprise), but I'm having a hard time swallowing the buzz about all the new wireless monitoring devices for diabetes. And I'm NOT talking about continuous glucose monitors (CGMS) this time, but rather the rash of new products that will transmit your blood glucoseRemote_control_gal results to your doctor, nurse or educator via wireless computer technology.

Renowned patient-expert David Mendosa gives a great overview in a recent blog post. He introduces all the contenders:

* GlucoTel -- which will use Bluetooth technology to connect almost any cell phone to transmit your blood glucose data (currently awaiting FDA approval)

* Virtual Tracker -- which I reviewed here recently. A complete system including a glucose meter (GlucoLab brand) and a "cradle" port for loading the stored readings and sending them over the Internet to a proprietary database (FDA status unclear).

* Diabetech's GlucoMON -- which will automatically send BG test results levels downloaded from the OneTouch Ultra meter to a cradle and includes its own two-way nationwide wireless network instead of using your cell phone (patient studies recruiting Right Now!)

* GlucoPack Phone from HealthPia America -- which the company says is the world's first all-in-one blood glucose meter and cell phone and service for managing diabetes remotely (reportedly received FDA approval in June).

* MedApps D-PAL system -- which is under development.  Another BG monitoring device that will transmit results via cell phone to a server. (Initially targetted at Medicare and Medicaid patients.)

They all sound very powerful and space-age. But the question that still remains for me is:


Which providers will have the time, training, or motivation to sort through it all?

One effort is (DHC), which promises a "concierge-style relationship with your endocrinologist." Which sounds suspicously too good to be true.  But I'm hoping...

Otherwise, I'd have to agree with commenter Vicki A. that these systems seem to all point to one thing: us patients being more dependent than ever on our "healthcare team" to tell us what to do. I'm also putting my money on "the more efficient system being CGMS," which patients wear and can use to make their own decisions/necessary BG management changes immediately.

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