Happy New Year, All!  I do wish you everything good and healthful and positive in 2007.

Reflections_1 In all honesty, I've been suffering from a bad case of writer's block when it comes to New Year's Resolutions... What should I vow?  That I will be a better person?  A better diabetic?  More tuned in to this task or that?  I'm just too darned pragmatic for all that bravado.  And besides, I already have more balls in the air than a one-armed juggler, as certain family members would say.  Since my diagnosis with this ever-present THING that reminds me of my own mortality 8-10 times a day at least, the only resolution that seems to make sense is my original one: Enjoy Life.  And this I intend to do, hopefully by being an extraordinary mother, partner, friend, and perennial advocate / voice of the diabetes patient, God willing.

Now I'm clearly not the only one who gets reflective at this time of year, and sentiments vary greatly. Here's a small handful of toast-worthy New Years posts to fill your cup:

* Perhaps in retaliation to all those prominent "shed-pounds-this-year" headlines, Jann over at Second Life reminds us that It's not about your weight, it's about your health.  Granted, he's resolved to lose weight, too, but I like his take on life.

* Not everyone is having a happy new year.  Mosey on over and lend some support to diabetic CMR (ChocoMilkRocks) in the UK, who voted herself "most likely to cry myself to sleep." 

* Meanwhile, Donna Leigh in Nova Scotia is making the classic vow to take better care of her diabetes.  She reminds us that you can share it with the world at 10millionresolutions.com.

* Check out Time Magazine's Health Year in Review -- read all about the year in medicine, literally from A to Z.

* Over at dLife.com, all the diabetic celebs are sharing their fave yummy recipes, while the Viewpoints Columnists (including Yours Truly) share their visions of what made 2006 a memorable year for people with diabetes.

* On the inspirational front, a teenage dancer "stricken by diabetes" will appear as Little Bo Peep on the Kaiser Permanente nursery-rhyme float in this year's Rose Parade.  "I told them that I wanted to be on the float to show that diabetics are normal people," says Emily Fuller of Riverside, CA.  Nice girl, poor reporting.

Oooh, and by the way, a friend of mine will be co-hosting the Rose Parade for HGTV this year.  Go Karen! You show them that redheads are normal people too, girl!

Confession: I'm starting this year out particularly audacious because I'm at Club Med in Mexico this week.  I wasn't kidding on that one.  So posting may be light, forgive me :)  I'm busy thanking my lucky stars to have such a loving family and the means to enjoy a little decadence with them now and then.  It's my longstanding New Year's Resolution, after all...

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