Today we're proud to present an exclusive announcement here at the 'Mine, of a new project spearheaded by our own Allison (Blass) Nimlos!

She's kicking off November, the big month of D-awareness, by debuting her new line of diabetes-inspired handmade greeting cards!

Think of them of the Diabetes Community's versions of Hallmark — by the name of none other than BLUE CUPCAKE CARDS!

So if you want to send some a special D-greeting, you can initially choose from these three special occasions:

1. Happy Diaversary - with an option for one of these 3 lines of text inside:

- Here's to a long, healthy & happy life

- So proud of you

- Have a cupcake!

2. Congratulations on the A1C  (or) on the Weight Loss - with these inside text options:

- Knew you could do it

- So proud of you!

- You Rock!

3. Thank You for Supporting my Ride (or) Walk (blank inside)

The cards will be sold for $3.50 with one text line inside, or $9 for all 3 lines inside. A three-card pack can be purchased for $10. The Walk/Ride Thank You cards will be sold in a 10-pack for $30, a 20-pack for $50, or 30 cards for $60.

But you're helping out D-charities by buying Blue Cupcake Cards!

Allison says 20% of the proceeds of all sales will be equally divided between four diabetes organizations: the International Diabetes Federation's Life for a Child (for a global presence), the Diabetes Hands Foundation (for their community-building work), and JDRF and the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) for cure research.

For the Thank You cards, the full 20% will go towards whichever charity the fundraising walk or ride in question supported, so basically, by thanking your donors you'll be donating even more to the cause they contributed to!

Note: Allison says she thought about adding the American Diabetes Association as one of the core recipients, but wanted to focus on cure research and four charities was enough as it is. Plus, the ADA can be designated with the Thank You cards, since they can follow a walk or ride that the ADA organizes.

Allison also says that in honor of November being D-Awareness Month and Nov. 14 World Diabetes Day, her Blue Cupcake Cards will be sold for 14% off this month!

As an aspiring Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE), Allison says she'd already started thinking about different ways she could support her patients in the future. As someone personally living with diabetes, she knows how the daily D-duties can be tough going and an ever-thankless job. So she planned to send her patients a little card of congrats or recognition when they achieved a goal, no matter how small!

And then, Allison realized something...

There's no need to wait while she goes through school!

Her parents and now-husband have given her little cards on diaversaries and periodically through the years, but they've always had to use pre-existing birthday or wedding anniversary cards — something Allison says is a little awkward since a diaversary is neither.

"With so many people sharing congratulations and well wishes on diaversaries, I thought it would be great to create a simple line of cards that people could purchase for their children, significant others or friends," she said.

To create these cards, Allison enlisted some help from fellow PWD Erica Schoonmaker in San Francisco, one of her good friends who happens to be skilled in graphic design and printing.  Erica is a type 1 for 13 years who also has a younger (22-year-old) brother living with type 1.

Erica will take care of the creative end by designing and printing all the Blue Cupcake cards on letterpress while Allison will run the business end. (The two actually met on TuDiabetes and Erica was one of Allison's bridesmaids.)

"My hope for Blue Cupcake is really just to put a smile on the faces of people with diabetes, who work so very hard to manage their diabetes day after day, year after year, with little to no thanks or recognition for their hard work," Allison says. "A greeting card is a tangible acknowledgement that you can keep with you, put on your desk or on a bulletin board, that will remind you of what you've accomplished. Plus, each card helps support diabetes education, so you're doing good every time you make someone feel good!"

As for the name Blue Cupcake, Allison says of course she wanted to include the word or color blue because it's the universal color for diabetes. Most of the words associated with diabetes are pretty medical and unattractive, she said, so it required some thinking "outside the box."

Since people in the Diabetes Online Community are fairly obsessed with cupcakes, and cupcake references taking on an almost inside-joke nature to some, Allison took the yummy treat idea a step further.

She says: "Cupcakes are sweet and put a smile on your face, and so will these greeting cards. But these cards won't raise your blood sugar!"

The unofficial tagline at the moment: "So sweet, just like a cupcake!"

All the Blue Cupcake information and pricing will be available on their new website. And there's also a brand new Etsy shop.

Every November, we see a number of new initiatives and projects for National Diabetes Awareness Month and World Diabetes Day, but this one seems to have the potential to stretch beyond this particular time of year and be a fun way to mark D-occasions at any time! We love the idea of creative cards that are produced by PWDs, for PWDs, and that benefit diabetes organizations.

And, who can argue with cupcakes that don't raise your blood sugar?!

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