Who's familiar with the ICE (In Case of Emergency) program that encourages people to enter emergency contacts in their cell phone address book under the name "ICE" — like "ICE - Dad" or "ICE - Janie"?  Then you add some brief notes about your medical condition in the address book entry.  Funny to think that there are so many companies out there developing fancy databases and chipsets for medical emergency alerts when we all actually carry a pretty good emergency info device with us all the time: our mobile phones.

The ICE initiative was apparently started in May of 2005 by a guy named Bob Brotchie, who worked for an ambulance service in the UK.  Reports say that he also encouraged a number of mobile phone manufacturers to support the campaign by adding an ICE heading to phone number lists of all new mobile phones.  This grew into a big campaign to get people to paste a special "ICE Sticker" on the back of their cell phones; the sticker, available at the website www.icesticker.com, "serves as a visual alert that an individual has established a communication protocol."

Here's the weird thing: this campaign has been around for three years, and I hadn't heard a thing about it until a nurse friend of ours asked if I had "ICE'd" my phone. What?

I even own a new iPhone 3G myself, and haven't seen or heard anything about ICE.  So either I've had my head in the sand, or this hasn't been very well publicized — or perhaps a little bit of both.

So of course I checked it out and discovered that you can download an iPhone app called "My Emergency Info" at the iTunes store HERE.   It's $2.99 and is powered by a company called Polka.

Seems like a really good investment to me — in case of hypoglycemia, or in case you get hit by a bus tomorrow. God forbid.

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