As an addendum to my post on the latest ADA conference, I'd like to add that I learned some new Scholar_1 terms. Or clarified their meaning for myself, at last:

  • Dual Wave vs. Square Wave Bolus - literally, bolus doses administered by an insulin pump in these patterns. MiniMed explains: "The Square Wave Bolus allows patients to easily select an amount and duration (from 30 min to 8 hrs) over which time a meal bolus is to be delivered. The Dual Wave Bolus simply combines a Square Wave Bolus with a Normal bolus and delivers them at the same time."
    • Insulin on Board (aka Bolus on Board) - a measure of how many units of rapid-acting insulin are still working in the body. Now why do I seem to hear so much confusion about this apparently simple concept?

    • Rule of 1500 - used to estimate blood glucose decrease per unit of insulin, and looks like this:


    Total Daily Use = Blood GLUCOSE DECREASE PER 1.0 unit of Insulin

    • Calibration - the act of coding your glucose monitor (or other device) to make sure readings are correct. Usually this means setting the numbers on the meter to match your current test strip vial, although some newer meters -- including Ascensia's Contour -- can now boast "no calibration required"; it's automatic.

    • Cleo 90 infusion set - new product being launched by Smiths Medical featuring an automatic needle retraction system, which I'm told is less painful and stays put better than many traditional infusion sets.

    And just to illuminate the subtle distinction:

    • Physical activity — "body movement produced by the contraction of skeletal muscles that requires energy expiration in excess of resting expenditure."
    • Exercise — "a subset of physical activity; planned, structured and repetitive bodily movements performed to improve or maintain fitness."

    • Resistance exercise — "trying to lift a weight you can barely lift."

    Darn! I may have come away a little smarter, but surely not fitter, because spending the weekend at the conference meant my bodily movement this week's been limited to "resting expenditure."

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