No, really.  Are you ready for the season of making merry by way of overeating and drinking?Holidayeatingsign_1

If there's one thing I've learned about "eating diabetic," it's that I only feel deprived when I'm around others who are munching away, carefree-like.  Crap!  I can't just eat that.  It's not that simple, you know!  Well, yeah, I could eat it, but my whole BG day will go to hell.  Oh, nevermind...

Want to find out how ready you are?  For a little something different on this month's dLife column, I have prepared the Essential Holiday Season Prep Quiz.  Here's an excerpt:

Q) What's the first thing you do when it hits you that the Holiday Season is imminent?

  1. Start an immediate crash diet, from Nov.1 till Thanksgiving Day
  2. Volunteer to do all the cooking yourself this year, in pursuit of ahealthy menu, and then stay up nights stressing as you surf the Net forrecipes 
  3. Make an appointment to hassle your nutritionist about what the heck you should do for the next three months?
  4. Book a strategically timed getaway to Club Med Ixtapa

And guess which one I picked?  Read the column to find out.  And don't forget to report back here with scores.  How ready are you, People?? (How ready can we ever be?)

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Regarding dLife columns, I also have two announcements:

1) Check out the spiffy new logo for mine:

You like?


2) Our very own Scott K. Johnson has joined the Viewpoints crew with his new monthly column, Which Way is Down?  Love the title!  Love the guy! (who loves Peter Gabriel, too) Can't wait to read more from him.  (He's my No.1 choice for Best Male Diabetes Blogger in next month's awards, too :)

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