Pacific_sunset_2 Hey there, Amigos.  This week is Spring Break here and I've just returned from the most breathtaking four-day weekend with my family on the Monterey coast.  My husband and I kept looking at each other and saying, "And this is only an hour drive from us?  It's like another world..."  In this other world, however, I have consumed more corn tortilla chips than I usually do in a year, and have thus administered more insulin corrections in a day than I ever thought possible.  Thanks to the OmniPod for making it easy!  But still, the insulin stacking got pretty confusing... my bad.

Anyway, my inbox is bursting out all over, the laundry is piled nearly to the ceiling, and I need a few days just to catch up on all the Snail Mail that's arrived. Plus I've got an endo appointment on Thursday and all three girls out of school.  How adventuresome that will be.

But the point of this post, in case you were wondering, is that my episode on isRadio_mic up! This, of course, is the very cool D-Podcast straight from Las Vegas.  You can listen to the interview with me -- mostly about Knowing Your Numbers, blogging, keeping your diabetic chin up and all that -- at the DiabetesPowerShow archive site, or for a direct download, click HERE.

You will notice that I am in good company, with many interesting individuals from the Diabetes Community also featured on this upbeat audio D-show.

For Podcast fans, also check out Scott Hanselmann's Hanselminutes episode on diabetes technology; Nature's Clinic recent diabetes podcast; Dr. Alan Rubin's series of HealthCasts; a whole mess of great podcasts at; or you can use this Podcast Directory to search for all your hot topics du Jour.

Tune in tomorrow for an update of Amy being back on track, we hope... and in the midst of a staunch tortilla chip boycott.   

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