Over the holidays, hubby and I managed to slip away for one-night romantic getaway, and I finally did it! (Check your imaginations at the door, Guys - nothing kinky)  I finally decided to enjoy a hot and steamy jacuzzi session without worrying about my OmniPod. Not where it was, or wasn't, or what was happening to the fragile insulin inside.

omnipod-under-waterThis February will mark my three-year anniversary wearing the thing, and I love the freedom it gives me. I love the fact that I don't have to carry around two devices, since the glucose meter is built right in. I love the way it calculates doses for me, and tells me when I still have insulin on board, and allows me to temporarily reduce my background insulin when I'm working out. And I love that it does all that without the need for tubing hanging off my body.

When I meet other PWDs, they sometimes ask if the pod isn't uncomfortable or "too heavy."  I'd definitely say no to both, with the exception of wearing it on my upper arm, when it sometimes does wobble more than I'd like, not to mention getting caught on door jams.

Wearing any kind of diabetes device attached to your body 24 hours a day is of course a compromise — opting for one inconvenience over multiple others.  For me personally, the OmniPod system has been an excellent choice. But the one aspect of wearing it that has been frustrating at times is the hot water issue: never being able to take a hot bath or soak in the jacuzzi without worry.  I know I shouldn't get in with the pod on, but my only other choice is to waste the pod and insulin, and potentially mess up my BG control by being unplugged for a while.

So... I've learned to lie sideways in a hot bathtub to protect the pod on my belly from being submerged. But it isn't comfortable, defeating the whole purpose of a hot bath, if you ask me (!)

We aren't lucky enough to own our own jacuzzi, so this is only an issue for me when we travel. I try to plan in advance to place the pod on my arm (my least favorite site) so that I can actually sit in the jacuzzi and just stretch my arms out above water. Again, not soooo relaxing.

After three years of fussing with this, the weirdest thing happened when I finally decided to "let go" on our getaway. So much for planning ahead: I had the pod on my upper left thigh. It was a good, well-functioning site that wasn't irritating me in the least. *sigh*

"Just pull it off!" my husband said.

"No way. Maybe it won't get cooked. I'm just gonna leave it there; consider it an experiment." (everything's a diabetes experiment in my world)

His turn to sigh ...

After nearly an hour in and out of that sizzling tub, I checked my BG: 67. Huh?

Yes, I had taken a sizable correction not long before our hot-tubbing adventure. So this could have just been residual effects.  But an hour later, BG: 84.

"Wow! It's still working! Maybe that thing wasn't as hot as we thought!" I grinned. And just as I stood up to celebrate, the softened adhesive came unstuck completely, and the pod plopped on the floor of our hotel room with a clunk.

Hubby looked amused.

"Don't say anything!" I replied, a whole lot louder than I had planned.

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