In four extraordinarily short months, I will be getting married to my best friend. That means there is a heck of a lot of planning going on these days. Which flowers should we get? Should the second entree be fish or vegetarian? And what on earth are we supposed to do about favors? And lest we forget... diabetes.

Diabetes, unfortunately, never takes a vacation. Not even for six hours so I can get married and have an awesome party in peace. So I have to figure out how to incorporate diabetes into my big day without it becoming the focus. Because the focus is me. And my soon-to-be husband.

The first question that pops into everyone's head when it comes to my wedding is "Where are you going to put your insulin pump?" You see, these things are mighty tricky. On one hand, they are awesome machines that wield flexibility and tight control all at the same time. On the other hand, they are cumbersome beasts that just get in the way. So, to pump or not to pump? That is the looming question. I have a few options I have been weighing, and perhaps you can chime in with your opinion:

Option #1: Keep the insulin pump on, and hide it in a pocket (ala Kerri at Six Until Me), where I can retrieve it at a moments notice. And cross my fingers that the seamstress is able to work some sewing magic and make it nearly invisible. Luckily, my dress is not a skin-tight mermaid dress, so it seems like the best option. It gives me the flexibility I need and an insulin pump I'm familiar with, but I also have to deal with the stress of making sure the insulin pump stays out of sight, out of mind.

Option #2: Switch to Lantus. This would be the logical solution if I wanted to avoid having to alter my dress to make room for an insulin pump. However, Lantus isn't as precise as an insulin pump, and if I'm eating casually throughout the evening, I would have to take several injections once my dress is on. And I would have to inject in my arm, which is my least favorite place (it's ouchie for me!).

Option #3: Switch pumps temporarily. Now, I'm not sure if I can actually do this option, but I'm contemplating doing some investigating. Animas's Ping pump has this nifty little bolus wizard on the glucose meter, so I could hide the pump in the dress without having to make it readily available. Has anybody tried this as an option?

The other diabetes conundrum is what am I supposed to do with my diabetes supplies? I mean, I suppose I could carry around a black meter case all day long, but it doesn't really fit our theme ;).  There are some independent companies that create cases for glucose meters and other diabetes supplies, like Skidaddle and Stick Me Designs. There's also the option of decanting everything and carrying around a medium-sized clutch.

Another thing I have to plan is for any diabetes emergencies. Luckily, our venue offers a bridal suite, so I can stock it with an extra bottle of insulin, syringes and insulin pump supplies, just in case any malfunctions should happen. I'm crossing my fingers that everything will go smoothly, but diabetes is a sneaky beast. It likes to make an appearance when  you least expect it.

Considering I've never gotten married before, this is all new to me. So, am I missing anything? Is there any advice you all can give me on how to handle diabetes on my wedding day?

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