My husband and a few buddies brew beer in our backyard as a hobby. Sometimes they ask us ladies to "pitch the yeast" (toss a vial-full of that rich-smelling substance into the tub), and we giggle hysterically. These girlfriends know all too well the constant Fracas with the Itch, and they aren't even diabetic!

Pitching_yeast_2 So you PWD ladies out there will sympathize when I say: it's worse than the @#$% diabetes! I learned early on that yeast infections are a classic sign of the onset of diabetes. Right. Would'a been nice if my OB/GYN had mentioned the diabetes connection before I landed in the hospital. Anyway, what I didn't get at the time was that it's also a classic long-term symptom of being a woman with diabetes. As if carb-counting, shots, hypos and the rest of it weren't enough, we get a healthy dose of maddening itch-meister yeast, which thrives in our elevated-sugar environments.

Why, oh why, can't I ever shake it for more than a week or so max? Why, oh why, haven't the gynos and the endos gotten together yet to come up with some viable treatment for chronic Candidiasis? Over-the-counter creams are essentially useless, and Diflucan apparently damages your liver over time. (I haven't had the test yet, but just keep thinking: hold on, Liver dear!)

What CAN we do? Eat yogurt, try chewable Acidophilus tablets, and/or ask our docs for prescription Terazol cream -- all of which help offset the discomfort, but sure don't stop those "active cultures." Any of you wise women out there have any particular advice? Wives tales and homeopathic alternatives welcome.

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