Are you messed up with your diabetes?  WELL... ARE YOU READY?

This is going to be SOOO COOL.  I just discovered that the innovative and fun-loving diabetes advocates over at TCOYD (a non-profit offering D-education around the country) are launching a new extreme makeover program especially for suffering PWDs.  And it shall be called PIMP YOUR DIABETES.Lasvegas_pimp

It's not TV, and it's not The Swan, exactly. No surgery, and no ball gowns.  But Dr. Steven Edelman of TCOYD, in conjunction with Dr. William Polonsky of the Behavioral Diabetes Institute (BDI) and their teams will soon be taking applications.  They're looking for folks who are in a bad D-way and are anxious to improve. This means:

- very high A1c results

- other test results extremely out of range

- physically out of shape

- psychologically struggling with the disease

And an entire D-Dream Team* is going to whip these folks into shape! (OK, over a period of 6-12 months; we know these things take time)

*On board for treatment are:

- Dr. Edelman himself as the endo

- Dr. Polonsky as psychologist

- Diane Pearson as CDE

- Dr. Larry Verity as exercise physiologist

- and more experts, TBD

AND ... the coolest news of all is that we plan on tracking their progress here at!  Regular updates and photos -- the whole shebang! At least that's the plan.

Note that the first few patients will probably be selected out of San Diego, to make it easier for the TCOYD/BDI team to kick off the program on their own turf. 

Look for an application link here within the next month or two.  And make sure to tell a friend -- whose diabetes is out of control and is therefore in the market for a custom "pimp" fix! 

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