It's down-to-earth practical and articulate as well! No surprise if you're familiar with Kassie's "Noncompliant" style.

But let me back up for a moment: I just recently finished reading the new release, "When You're a Parent with Diabetes" by Kathryn Gregorio Palmer —- a Type 1 married to a Type 1, database developer, mother of two boys, and eloquent writer who started a diabetes blog last year. She's also a former Barton Camp director, making her something of a legend around the diabetes OC.

Kassie_and_family Kassie won last year's Bayer Ascensia Dream Fund, with the vision of writing a guide for people with diabetes who are or want to become parents. No small feat, believe you me (neither the parenting part nor the book writing).

So in real life I only know one diabetic mom -- one who actually had two diabetic pregnancies. When I told her about this book she snorted, "Where was THAT BOOK when I needed it?"

Indeed, the book is chock-full of useful information for everything from the "trying" (to conceive) phase through the ups and downs and pressure of a diabetic pregnancy to talking about your disease with your school-age, and later teenage children. It's interspersed with candid quotes from a wide variety of Type 1 and Type 2 moms and dads.

To me, it was a great reminder that none of us is alone in this thing. Becoming and being a parent changes your life and defines you in a way that few other occurrences in life can. Except, of course, for the diabetes. Nice job sharing your know-how on both, Kassie! (Healthy Living Books, September 2006, $12.95).

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