I can't believe another whole year has passed. I'm beginning to think our 'multi-tasking lives' have caused some kind of accelerating time warp. Anyway, it's that time again to reflect on what marked the year in the Diabetes World, and in particular here at the 'Mine, where I feel like I muddle through the year side-by-side with all of you.

2010 saw the continued explosion of social media, while the FDA seemed to stumble over issues of diabetes technology. It was a big year for me personally, having spent half of it crammed into a tiny hotel suite with the entire Familia. Updates on that situation coming soon. For now, please enjoy this look back at 2010 through the eyes of DiabetesMine:


Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson passed away, leaving many a type 1 diabetic thoroughly shaken (whether it played a key role in her death or not).

JDRF joined forces with Animas and Dexcom to get the first functioning Artificial Pancreas prototype off the ground. AP project director Aaron Kowalski fielded reader questions right here at the 'Mine.

Also on the site, we learned what it means to live as a 'caregiver' of a PWD. Not easy.  On the personal side, I created a list of 10 Things to do for 2010... Looks like I didn't do so bad following up on those considering our crazy mixed-up remodel year en hotel.


Finally, some frank talk about what makes teens with diabetes tick, in this guest post by Moira McCarthy Stanford: "Freedom is Their Secret Drug."

I covered Kris Freeman's cross-country trials in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Sadly, diabetes got the best of him.

The Diabetes Advocates group was formed, coordinating efforts of many of us D-bloggers and other online advocates officially for the first time.

On the home front, my family and I were still wrangling with my husband's Lyme disease (ugh), and I was still struggling with other people's subtle accusations re: my own D-care.


Sanofi-Aventis announced that it is getting into the glucose meter market, while FDA discussions on glucose meter accuracy standards heated up. D-patient advocate Ellen Ullman, privy to the FDA hearings, shared her perspective on the agency's two-day public hearing — a must-read.  Meanwhile, Medtronic's new Paradigm Revel combo pump + CGM system was approved by the FDA.

I discovered that basal testing is just a euphemism for a new kind of torture.

We launched the 2010 DiabetesMine Design Challenge innovation competition, complete with a very fun promo video, thanks to the California HealthCare Foundation. (Watch the video now if you haven't yet.)


Roche acquired Medingo's Solo patch pump, still under development — will they manage to bring this OmniPod competitor to market?

We talked with the community about Metformin vs. Symlin for type 1 diabetes (weird, I know). We also got a sneak preview of TCOYD's new Extreme Diabetes Makeover Program. Very cool.

I posted about the new drug Victoza — nearly 400 responses and counting!! This post has somehow turned into a bubbling user forum.


A month for technology: Manny Hernandez of TuDiabetes launched TuAnalyze, a nationwide tracking tool for A1c levels, just as we opened the first-ever community voting on finalists for the DiabetesMine Design Challenge.

By popular demand, I also took a look at what's available in logging software for the Mac.

Karen over at BitterSweet Diabetes kicked off "Diabetes Blog Week," and we all showed some love for our biggest supporters, among other themes.

I also had a good look at what we can learn from people with other chronic illnesses.

Oh, and my oldest daughter had her Bat Mitzvah!! (kvell)


I profiled the three grand prize winners of the 2010 Design Challenge: Zero, Finn the Glucose Fish, and Test Drive — representing three very different angles on improving life with this illness.

We mulled over the issue of diabetes and adopting a child — what are the factors to consider?

Manny was at it again, this time launching the Facebook-based Healthseeker game to teach and motivate people about healthy lifestyles.

An important case study unfolded in the state of California: what happens when only nurses are authorized to deliver kids' insulin, but there are no more school nurses?

The 2nd annual Roche Diabetes Social Media Summit took place on-site at the Children with Diabetes Friends for Life conference in Florida.  We talked turkey with the ADA and AADE.

I also reported live from the annual ADA Scientific Sessions conference — truly more overwhelming every year.


The AADE, whose representative struggled a bit at the Diabetes Social Media Summit, posted her response to the frank discussions there.

We also heard from the ADA representatives about what they learned from the Social Media Summit.

We looked into the specific factors that go into making glucose meters more or less accurate, including the so-called "PQQ Gremlin."

We once again featured a bevy of great guest posts, including D-blogger Chris Stocker, inspirational power lifter Ginger Vieira, and sex and diabetes expert CDE Janis Roszler.


I had another look at the intricacies of disclosing your diabetes: would you keep it secret from someone you're dating?

I also dug into why no one recognizes the Blue Circle as the symbol of diabetes — such a waste; we should make this a priority for next year's awareness campaigns.

Author and D-blogger Wil Dubois explained eloquently why CGM is so misunderstood.

Roche Diabetes launched National Infusion Site Management Week (Aug. 30 - Sept. 5): publicity stunt or useful awareness campaign? You decide.


I learned some new things about the famous Dr. Richard Bernstein that might surprise you as well.

Novo Nordisk released a sweeping study about how patients struggle with insulin therapy. Results? Kind of a no-brainer, IMHO.

History in the making: Sanofi-Aventis announced the iBGStar, the first-ever medical device (glucose meter) that will attach directly into your iPhone or iPad. This hopefully paves the way for more integration of smartphones with health tools.

That same week, I was able to interview American Idol runner-up Crystal Bowersox, who nearly got kicked off the show because of her diabetes. Possibly my favorite interview of all-time, it even got picked up in the New York Times!


We revisited the combo-condition known as "Diabulimia" — is it real or imagined?

We flashed a critical spotlight on the new jargon amongst Pharma companies and drugstore chains in the controversial post "Adherence is the New Compliance."

I went to Blogworld Expo in Vegas for the very first time. Learned a lot. Danced a bit. Got a classic Vegas headache. Love you guys!

Another youngster was lost to diabetes, apparently of a severe low in his sleep. The bereaved mother shared her experiences here. Much love, Michelle. I don't know what else to say.


National Diabetes Awareness Month.  Once again, for World Diabetes Day on Nov. 14, thousands of diabetics participated in the world's biggest online blood sugar test-in, the Big Blue Test. And beautiful local grassroots campaigns were also born.

We look at the question: what does cold weather have to do with diabetes diagnosis?

TSA announced new aggressive pat-downs for people who set off airport security alarms or refuse the full-body scanner, inciting angry protests from PWDs on insulin pumps. Sounds like ADA's Legal Advocacy arm is on the case.

With our hearts and minds full of lost loved ones, Barb Marche and I launched the OurDiabetesMemorial.com site. Have a look and ping us if you'd like to make a submission.


We heard from some students who made excellent use of their winnings from the DiabetesMine Design Challenge — starting innovative design groups at Northwestern, Cornell, Dartmouth, Brown and Rigby universities.

We took a closer look at the confusing role of standard deviation in diabetes care — it might be less (or more) impactful than you think.

We staged a virtual "war of the lancing devices" — whose side are you on?

I had the chance to interview teen heartthrob Nick Jonas — love him or hate him, he's done a lot for young folks with type 1 diabetes. I give him props for that.

NOTE: I had a look back at last year's roundup, and saw that I ended my post with this sentence: "The FDA is struggling to set guidelines for Social Media, which will surely be a big theme in 2010." Haha! No movement there yet... I also wrote that "some days I do feel like there can't possibly be anything else to write about this aggravating illness. But then I often encounter someone new, and get inspired all over again."  Funny how certain things don't seem to change all that much as the years go by ;)

For 2011, I can say that we're looking forward to some exciting improvements around here at the 'Mine — to be disclosed in early January. Please stay tuned, and allow us to accompany you through yet another year of "all things diabetes."

Warm wishes and much respect -



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