Time again for an update on some of the myriad new online health tools that may actually add value to a PWD's life:

online-tool-icon Need some help understanding and/or reducing the costs of your diabetes? Try this Diabetes Cost Calculator. It helps you break down what you're spending on your diabetes now, and even offers tips on ways to get your supplies for less.

online-tool-icon Despite the many Google Ads, this Carb Counter comes highly recommended from a loyal reader.  It contains a library of nutrition labels for thousands of foods.

online-tool-iconThere's also a site called SugarStacks.com that helps you to "visualize the sugar content of different foods." It's not specific to carb content, but still a good way to get that "eyeful" of what foods are better choices in terms of glycemic impact.

online-tool-icon If you're an iPhone user, you can go these one better with the new Zeer Food Reviews app zeer-food-app-iphonefrom the Apple iTunes store. It offers nutritional data and ingredients for over 110,000 products — useful for diabetics (and all people who watch their food intake) on the go.

online-tool-icon Trying to lose weight?  Miinus.org is a brand new social media site that helps people "lose and maintain weight together with their friends."  One interesting aspect is "social scales" — the notion of "connecting people's bathroom scales" using a networked group. You set them up with family, friends, or coworkers, and track your collective weight loss.

online-tool-icon UTSHealth.com is yet another health social networking site where you can keep track of your blood pressure readings, diabetes stats, and body weight records for free. Looks a little like DailyStrength.org from the outside, but UTS also features a new iPhone app so you can use it on the go. Both the website and the iPhone app were actually entries in this year's DiabetesMine Design Challenge competition.

online-tool-icon Want some help preparing for your next doctor's appointment, so that your time there is well spent?  MedEfficio.com is "a new online health questionnaire that can be filled out prior to seeing the doctor — saving precious time and energy."

online-tool-icon Not specific to diabetes, but potentially useful, is also the iTriage iPhone app launched a couple of months ago.  According to Medgadget, it "features a plethora of information about conditions and procedures, and a database of medical providers, like hospitals and pharmacies, based on your current iPhone's GPS location, and much more." My favorite blog headline on this one so far was: "Jewish Mothers Rejoice, Single Daughters Can Now Pinpoint Precise Location of Nearby Doctors on iPhone."  The system helps you do things like diagnose your own appendicitis, and locate the nearest ER services, etc., so let's just hope that finding single doctors is your most urgent use for this new tool ;)


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