Hard to believe that exactly one year ago today my very first post went up. At the time I felt I was groping forward into the cavernous unknown. Who would find me on the Web? Who would care to come back and read more musings on "everything diabetes"? Thanks, guys...

And what a wild ride it has been! A few things that happened to me this year since starting thisChampagne blog:

* My "Dr. Suess' Fun with Diabetes" poem was reprinted all over the country, and even in a few newsletters in New Zealand

* Me and my blog were featured in the Wall St Journal! (Hi, Mom!!)

* I attended the ADA's Annual Scientific Sessions conference in June and learned a ton about my disease and the people who treat it

* I was invited to write a monthly column on the dLife web site, where PWDs and their loved ones regularly write to me asking all kinds of questions I can barely answer (I'm still not a doctor)

* I've begun writing articles for the big diabetes pubs (Diabetes Forecast & Diabetes Health), the first of which will be published next month

* I've started my own virtual "Who's Who in the Diabetes Community" research campaign, in which I've met the most fascinating and knowledgeable people, including Dr. Bill Polonsky, Janis Roszler, Mother Love and the dLife cast, Bill King, Kelly Close, Virginia Valentine, Dr. Bill Quick and many more

* I've certifiably proven that using lots of links in your posts is good for your health a pain

* I've learned to travel well with diabetes, mostly meaning that it only takes me 15-20 minutes to pack up my essentials, versus the half-day-plus I used to spend fretting over what I might forget

* I've very recently signed a book deal, to help compile a handbook that will hopefully help struggling PWDs get a handle on their health (details under wraps till summer)

Wondorously, around me and my small group of compatriots blogging before has sprouted a whole new world of absolutely amazing PWDs who blog -- including truly inspirational writers the likes of Kerri and Dee, and those who make life's quirks so much fun, like Kassie and Allison. What good company I'm in!

But it's also gotten harder -- all of it. I used to be so inspired that I'd get up in the middle of the night with post ideas that couldn't wait. I also used to run between 113-145 BG most of the time. Neither happens much anymore.

Now I'm gearing up for the Long Haul. I've learned that keeping a blog fresh over time is no small undertaking. Again, hats off to Kathleen, who's been doing it several years longer than any of us!

I still do love sharing my D-discoveries, and it's especially nice when people post comments and counter-comments. I learn a lot that way. It's just that I was naive enough to think time would make me better at diabetes... that it would somehow get easier and more commonplace. In fact, being diabetic does feel pretty "normal" after nearly three years, but that does not make it easier. Your diabetes just keeps changing, doesn't it? That bolus-carb ratio that worked so well last week is Old News, no?

Don't get me wrong. I'm still Ms. Chipper. As you can see, diabetes has somehow brought many good things into my life. I'm just a little more seasoned this year. And I know I'm going to have to work my tail off to top last year's blog fallout!

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