Insulet Corp., makers of the OmniPod tubeless insulin pump system, is now also offering a low-cost switch option to users of the discontinued Cozmo pump:

For a limited time, Cozmo users will be able to start on OmniPod for as little as $49.99. This offer includes an OmniPod Starter kit and a one-month supply of Pods. More info is available atomnipod-offer the website: or by calling 1- 866-941-4579.

Hopefully this one won't rub some people the wrong way -- as did the recent "upgrade" offer by Medtronic.

A number of people complained that they found it "cheesy" for a competitive company to swoop in with an alternative offer so quickly -- potentially before the news of Cozmo's demise has even reached its full customer base (?)

I happen to be a die-hard OmniPod user myself. (I love the tubeless freedom!)  And my feeling was that if this product were to be continued -- even if current warranties were still being honored -- I would indeed feel like my beloved life support system was being "yanked away." And I don't think I'd be angry if another company was offering a replacement. I may choose not to jump on the offer, but it's nice to know that competition in the insulin pump market is healthy enough for other vendors to be courting my business.

Maybe some folks were annoyed because Medtronic's offer for Cozmo customers includes a re-certified pump, a fancy term for a used unit, rather than a brand new insulin pump.  That I can see. Yet in the spirit of living green, is it so important that the plastic casing is brand new, as long as you're fully guaranteed by the company that the unit works reliably?

In any case, sources tell me there are circa 30,000 to 35,000 Deltec patients "ripe for conversion," so it shouldn't be long until the other player in the pump market, J&J's Animas, jumps in with a special offer for former Cozmo pumpers as well.

** UPDATE 4:20 PST**

Thanks to a tip from reader Angela (thank you!), I've learned that J&J Animas already has a 90-day upgrade offer posted for Deltec customers, at  They're offering a re-certified Animas pump for $900, plus you can trade in your existing pump for a rebate of up to $700.  You also get a free month's worth of supplies (cartridges and infusion sets).

"Not ready to switch? We understand," their site states. "Please know we're here to help with supplies. Not only do we carry the Cozmo® cartridge, but our infusion sets all work with the Cozmo® pump.  For more details on the Animas Access program, call us at 1-877-YES-PUMP"

So there you go. All the big pump companies are ready to catch falling Cozmo customers with special offers -- take 'em or leave 'em.

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