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Today Insulet Corp, makers of the tube-free insulin delivery system OmniPod, and DexCom Inc., makers of the wireless continuous glucose monitor DexCom Seven, have announced plans to develop a combined product. Yippee! Read the full announcement HERE.




The skinny:

"The PDM with DexCom technology will combine the functionality of both systems' handheld receivers into one single handheld wireless device, eliminating the need for a separate receiver. The PDM will be used to program the wearable OmniPod with insulin delivery instructions and will also receive and display continuous glucose readings directly from DexCom's wearable sensor transmitter. The integrated system will provide patients with continuous information about glucose levels and allow patients to continuously track trends, enabling them to accurately anticipate excursions outside of normal glucose levels and to make appropriate treatment adjustments. Alarms on the PDM will immediately alert the patient when glucose levels are outside of the target range, allowing the patient the opportunity to intervene and prevent acute events. Development, clinical and regulatory efforts are expected to continue throughout 2008, with an anticipated product launch in mid-2009."

Wow, Insulet sure had us fooled. Strong rumor had it they were working with Abbott on an integration with the Navigator CGM. But since that product's been stalled with the FDA for, well... forever, it looks like DexCom beat them to the altar. Pretty exciting, if the combo product is as accurate as the OmniPod and small and sleek as the DexCom.

For the moment, all I can say is: Mazel Tov!

**** UPDATE 1/10/08 ****

This week, Dexcom also signed a joint development agreement with Animas Corp., to integrate its wireless CGM technology into Animas' insulin pump models by early 2010. Looks like the whole push is really gaining some traction here!


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