About a dozen diabetes bloggers and advocates will be gathering in Indianapolis early next week for the second annual Lilly Diabetes Summit.

The 'Mine will be there participating -- actually, I will, since the Lilly HQ is right up the road about 10 miles from my house, so no need for fancy travel arrangements.  Lilly Diabetes Sign

Everyone arrives Sunday April 28, and we'll have a meetup over dinner that night, before the "official business" portion of the summit kicks off Monday and ends Tuesday.

You can take a look at our coverage of the 2012 Lilly summit to get a sense of what was discussed last year. We also recently wrote about our take on the accomplishments of all of these pharma-hosted summits for the diabetes community.

Lilly likes to say this is their third summit, but we don't agree; their very first "gathering" of this sort happened at the CWD Friends For Life Conference 2011, and those involved weren't brought in by the Pharma Giant, but were already attending the conference and simply invited by Lilly for a brief meet-up. Sorry, that one doesn't count in our book, Lilly.

So, what's on tap this time around? They've communicated that the agenda includes: an update on new Lilly Diabetes/Disney publications and e-books; a preview of the 2013 Friends for Life Conference; an in-depth look at how insulin is created; and an interactive session with the company's diabetes leadership team. On Tuesday morning, our group will get a tour of the Lilly Technology Center where insulin and other products are made, so expect once again to see photos popping up of some familiar DOC faces dressed up in hazmat suits during this experience!

All the neat stuff and general info aside, we mentioned in our preview post that some of us attending really hope that every presenter will close with a phrase along the lines of: "... and this can be used to help people with diabetes by (blank)."  And the (blank) ought to be something clear and actionable.

We've discussed how Lilly could use its influence to help strengthen peer-to-peer support networks online and offline, and work to get more healthcare professionals to share the value of the DOC with their patients.

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