Baby_computerCheck out my new blog Category over on the left -- Interviewed! -- in which I've compiled all the recent chats I've posted with great diabetes and blogging minds. And also a new addition to my "Sponsored Links" section in the right-hand margin, in which a new advertiser and I are taking each other for a test drive. No major layout re-haul, but enough to feel a bit like a Fall rebirth over here at

Ooh, and did I mention that I've become an aunt again? Little niece Lilly was born in Duesseldorf just two days after we returned home from Germany. You knew I was back on home turf, right? No time to craft a vacation wrap-up post yet due to the barrage of other new stuff: teachers, classrooms, permission slips, emergency forms, registration forms, homework folders, driving schedules, lunch and dinner routines, chores, expectations, discipline tactics, bedtimes, etc., etc., etc. May the Almighty deliver us parents mercifully from this season of Fall!

Today I am boarding a plane to the Midwest, btw, off for a diabetes-related event and adventure whose details I cannot reveal for a few days yet. Never been to Indianapolis before. Another first!

Back in our virtual world, also new (although I can't take any credit) is the look and feel over at, an all-volunteer diabetes support website offering a great message forum and monthly live chats with a variety of celeb-type experts.

Ah, and while we're on new: last week, an organization called LinkWords announced a new, "contextually organized" approach to finding and managing information on the web. I tried searching their site for the term "diabetes support," and got immediately lost in a labyrinth of keywords and sub-categories. Seems like we're all just trying to build a better mousetrap. Some new concepts will soar, while others will belly-flop. Same as it ever was.

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