Joanne Milo, who blogs at The Savvy Diabetic, reviews the Nightscout do-it-yourself CGM in the Cloud system, which allows users to view and share continuous glucose monitoring data on a variety of devices.



  • Instant and continuous access to your Dexcom G4 CGM data without the need to dig around for your receiver or push buttons
  • Remote monitoring by loved ones
  • Option to display your data on your PC, tablets (even hanging on your wall, like a wall clock!), and smartphones
  • Option to display data on a cool Pebble smartwatch with encouraging messages
  • Options to customize your rig or holder as well as your Pebble watch face and band, as it becomes a fashion accessory
  • Incredible and supportive online community of users and programmers, available 24/7 for advice, help and encouragement 
  • Ability to monitor two kids or adults with T1D simultaneously, monitoring both their BGs on the same Nightscout-enabled watch


  • System is somewhat cumbersome to carry around (phone and CGM receiver) and that portion must be connected by a cable at all times in order to work
  • It can cost several hundred dollars up front, if you choose options like a smartwatch, plus ongoing costs for data use and website service
  • The system sometimes experiences downtime
  • You have to charge both the Android uploader phone and the smartwatch (it does charge your G4 receiver through the phone)
  • You are wearing a constant reminder of your BG (but you actually don’t have to look at it all the time, of course)


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