This just in from Diabetic Investor David Kliff:

"Animas®, the insulin pump unit of Johnson and Johnson (NYSE:JNJ), will be recalling the new OneTouch® Ping™ blood glucose monitor that works in conjunction with the Animas 2020 insulin pump. Apparently the problem resides with the Ping and not the insulin pump. When the two units are not synched, communicating with each other, the bolus calculator on the Ping does not work properly. The bolus calculator is used by patients to calculate the correct dose of insulin to deliver with their food intake. According to Animas the problem has been corrected and new units will be sent to replace the defective units."

Hard to believe, since the Ping is their latest-generation meter that's supposed to be top of the line. But according to Kliff, this is "not an overly serious issue as the Ping was just approved this past July and has only been on the market since mid-August. Based on everything Diabetic Investor has learned, the issue is software related and Animas is being proactive here not letting a minor issue turn into a major one." Maybe so, but a bummer if you're using the Ping.

UPDATE 10/27/08: A company spokesperson tells me the issue is limited to one feature, a bug in the "Easy Carb Calculator" that makes it less than 100% accurate when the meter is not paired with the pump.  When the two are paired, everything should work fine.  Nevertheless, all existing users will receive notification in the mail and a replacement system asap.

If you are effected, please call the Animas Hotline at (866) 423-4087.

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