Happy St. Patrick's Day, again.  See this morning's post with some wee silliness on that.

A quick newsflash on this lovely green day: this morning Medtronic has announced that it has received FDA approval for its new Paradigm Revel combination insulin pump/continuous glucose monitor, which they're calling "the industry's most advanced integrated system for diabetes management" (see product info here).

That may be an overstatement, considering the Revel does not include the automatic-suspend feature that can stop insulin delivery when your BG level dips, which is included in the Medtronic Veo system, currently only available in Europe (see also, notes bottom of this post on the Veo).

Here's what IS new and different about the Paradigm Revel, according to a spokeswoman I talked with this morning:

* the system includes "predictive alerts" that can give early warning of impending lows and highs

* the controlling algorithm is also "stronger at detecting hypos" for added protection

* you can set up to 8 different thresholds for your low alerts, depending on time of day and your activity level

* it offers "alert-based navigation," meaning that any time an alert goes off, the screen automatically takes the user to the task area for making the necessary adjustments

* higher precision dosing: the Revel can deliver insulin in smaller increments, down to .025 units per hour for basal or bolus (whereas the previous system only goes down to .05 u/hr)

* for insulin-using type 2 patients, who are often more insulin resistant, they can achieve tighter BG control using the new 1:1 carbohydrate ratio

* you can also set up missed-meal bolus reminders

I'm sure anyone in the market for a combined insulin pump / CGM system (who isn't?) will appreciate the advances. For existing Medtronic users, upgrading to the Revel will cost $399 to $499 depending on the system you are upgrading from.  Keep your eye on their website for more details (watch the demo video there, as well).

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