Today, leading makers of continuous glucose monitoring system DexCom Seven unveiled a new app for the iPhone and iPad, which is a cool move on their part, because everybody wants a piece of the Apple pie, right? But a warning to DexCom users not to get too excited, since the app doesn't actually do anything for data management purposes, not even in terms of letting you look at your own BG numbers.

What the app allows you to do, in the company's own two sentences, is: "Easily view training videos, read educational materials, and flip through a sensor step-by-step insertion walk-through. Read the FAQs, email Tech Support or call with a click of a button."  See the dedicated info page on their website at

Err, sounds about as useful as that Medtronic app launched not long ago called MyMedtronicConnect.  With that one, you can "re-order supplies and accessories, access helpful tips and explanations, set reminders, and prepare for travel." Like we said, it doesn't really do anything for your diabetes management, but hey, it's nicer to re-order supplies with a click of your iPhone than the old fashioned way, right?

Now DexCom's got its info at the click of an iPhone or iPad. And of course, it looks cool. Very, very cool — especially on the iPad:




Here are some screenshots of the new Dexcom app on the iPhone:




The company's not allowed to comment on anything pre-FDA, but we have to assume this is the Apple interface they've created as the basis for a more full-fledged CGM data app down the line.

What I do like about the current app is the idea that it further untethers us from our PCs. So if you do need a refresher on insertion techniques, or an answer to a quick question, you can access it on the go from your iPhone — even if you happen to be in some autobahn gas station restroom about the size of a coffin (yeah, I've been there).

So... what say you, DexCom + Apple users? How much would you interact with a training & info app like this?

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