Justin Mullins over at NewScientistTech has uncovered Philips latest R&D effort for diabetes: a "breath test" for glucose levels (!)Philips_logo_2

As we know, nobody's nailed the non-invasive glucose testing dream yet. But as reported:

"A possible new solution comes from the fact that, a few years ago, scientists discovered that the amount of carbon monoxide that we breathe out is linked to the amount of glucose in our blood.Philips_graphic_3

"This is thought to be because excess glucose stimulates the production of an enzyme called heme oxygenase, which catalyses reactions that release CO2 and other by-products.

"This has given consumer electronics company Philips an idea for a non-invasive blood glucose meter that simply monitors the concentration of carbon monoxide in exhaled breath...

Read the full glucose breath test patent application."

That's all I know for now. Could this test be viable and reliable? Cross your fingers till they hurt, People!

Editor's Note: A big thank you to Allison for the hat tip.

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