A new addition to the burgeoning world of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM): Today Medtronic Inc. has introduced its new CGMS iPro™ Continuous Glucose Recorder:

"The iPro allows physicians to uncover patters and potential problems that often go undetected with today's standard glucose measurements such as finger stick meters and HbA1c tests. Due to the devices' improved ergonomics, physicians will be more empowered to develop personalized diabetes management programs particularly helpful for patients who experience dangerous high and low blood sugar levels, hypoglycemia unawareness, desire better control, have gestational diabetes or women with diabetes who are pregnant."

Recorder? iPro? The name is rather iPod like, no?

What I learned is that the iPro is a check-out-from-your-physician three-day-wear unit, like the company's original CGMS Gold system that patients borrowed for three days and then returned to their physician for a data dump.


The part you wear is essentially the MiniLink transmitter with sensor all alone, sans controller unit or anything else for the patient to fuss with. It records 3 days' worth of glucose data on a tiny chip, which the doctor can later wipe clean for use with another patient. A small plug-in device on the sensor allows the doctor to connect it to a PC for downloading to a physician software package. No patient software included.

Cgms_ipro_recorder_2"The important differentiator here is the patient experience. They just wear a tiny waterproof unit -- about the size of a quarter -- and they don't have to interact with the device at all," says Medtronic's Sr. PR Manager Steve Sabicer.

The iPro should be useful for a "broad swath" of patients, Sabicer adds: of course Type 1s, who experience the most dramatic glucose fluctuations, but also for Type 2s treating their diabetes with lifestyle changes or using new oral meds, for pre-diabetics or those with metabolic disorders, and also for clinical trials. Medtronic's expecting some doctors to purchase bulk quantities for use monitoring ongoing BG levels in a variety of clinical trials.

The CGMS iPro Recorder will be available in February for physicians to purchase directly from Medtronic at a cost of $1,299.00 for the Starter Kit, and $1,099.00 for each additional unit (all paid by the physician).

So if it sounds interesting, ask your doctor if the iPro is right for you :)

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