OK, we lost one glucose monitor vendor recently, but now we've gained a pump vendor instead.  Roche Diagnostics Corp. is breaking into the growing U.S. insulin pump business with its Swiss-made product that carries the well-known Accu-Chek brand name.

Roche_pump The new Spirit Accu-Chek pump comes from Disetronic Medical Systems, the insulin pump division acquired by Roche in 2003.  Launch is planned for Monday, and the $6,195 product will begin shipping on Oct. 30.

I'm not up on pump pricing, but that sounds kind of steep to me.  No matter, I'm sure Roche has insurance coverage in the bag.

This model's packed with features, including four bolus options and five basal rate profiles.  "Its side-mounted tactile buttons, together with the bolus calculator residing on a separate PDA device, will allow the user to calculate a bolus and program their pump for insulin delivery without ever having to remove their insulin pump from their pocket or bra-pouch."  It's also got a reversible display so you can wear the pump any way you want -- there is no upside-down.

Sounds good.  What do you pump aficionados out there have to say?

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