Have you heard about the new gene discovered that's implicated in the cause of Type 2 diabetes?

Scientists at Joslin Diabetes Center used lab mice to show that alterations in a gene called ARNT (aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator) -- which is crucial for normal embryo development, and also controls other genes -- correlates closely with incidence of Type 2 diabetes.

What this means is that the ARNT gene may be pivotal in generating (and hopefully curing) Type 2 diabetes. Genegluchomeo

"ARNT is the first gene identified to be abnormal in the pancreatic islet cells, the cells that make insulin, in people with the common type of Type 2 diabetes," said study leader Dr. C. Ronald Kahn.

Dr. Robert Rizza, president of the American Diabetes Association, said: "It's very likely this disease is not going to be caused by a single gene. The common type of diabetes seems to be caused by multiple genes interacting."

But Rizza adds: "It's a very important finding. By altering one or two genes that play a role in the development of diabetes, you may be able to cure it."

Hope springs eternal. Read the whole story HERE.

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