A note today to remind you that this is the final week to send us your story and apply for a FREE DIABETES MAKEOVER.  Who couldn't use some individualized help getting their diet, exercise routine, and glucose control regimen into a healthy and productive groove?

We already have had a number of people writing in about their struggles controlling their weight, and how they've "started many exercise programs, but just can't keep motivated."

What I like about the new Diabetes Advanced Management System from Insulite (our "Makeover" program) is that they strive to offer the basis for a lasting, long-term turnaround in the way you manage your diabetes — and not just a "quick fix" that will be over and done with after a few months.

"Our goal is to address the whole person and not convey the false expectation that one 'miracle pill' can restore your health. So we have developed the multi-layered Insulite Diabetes Advanced Management System to help reverse insulin resistance and optimize your body's ability to utilize insulin," the company states.

The winners of this contest — two people with Type 2 diabetes and one person with Type 1 — will be treated to three months' free of Insulite's 5-part program (a $330 value):

- an exercise plan (exercise as medicine!)

- a food plan (food as medicine!)

- nutraceutical formulas (optional dietary supplements)

- an addiction-bashing program* (see below)

- and a support system (continual access to guidance and coaching from Insulite's Consulting and Advisory teams)


*Did you know, btw, that our inability to resist carbohydrates is not our fault? Really. It's not just about poor will power.  "Researchers at Princeton University studying bingeing and dependency found that ingesting large amounts of sugar causes changes similar to the changes in the brains of people who abuse illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin."

Yes, it seems there is scientific evidence that carbs and sugars are as addictive as cocaine and heroine.  Well, that explains a lot, ay?!

Part of the Insulite Makeover is specially designed to help you "neutralize" that addiction.

So are you ready for some SERIOUS HELP getting your health and your diabetes on track?

Just email a short essay - no longer than 500 words please! - about your 2009 New Year's Resolution and why you think you are the most suitable candidate for this program.  Send submissions to me HERE.

By submitting, you also agree to allow us to publish portions of your essay here at DiabetesMine in the event that you win.  No more procrastinating!  Because the contest closes exactly one week from today, at midnight PST, Tuesday, Feb. 10 ;)


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