A wonderful diabetes educator we know who also lives with type 1 herself likes to say that "it isn't until diabetes products are in the hands of patients -- and used and abused properly in the real world -- that we really know how they perform." We couldn't agree more, which is why we created the DiabetesMine Test Kitchen video product review hub, by and for us PWDs.

TestKitchen_Logo_Final_lg (1)Today, we've just added a new video review from longtime type 1 Travis Fuger, a 27-year-old banker living in Redwood City, CA. He was diagnosed with type 1 in 1994, and says, "My biggest diabetic peeve would definitely be activity lows. I love to play basketball, ride bikes, and do kick boxing classes. When I have to stop mid-workout to eat glucose tabs, that peeves me so bad! Not to mention I can't really just hop back into activity mode. It really derails everything." We feel you, Travis!

Lately he's been using the new Medronic 530G system, which combines their latest-generation pump with their continuous glucose monitor (CGM) product with its Enlite sensor.  


Note that there was a ton of hoopla about this product when it came out last Fall, because the mainstream media jumped all over it as "the first-ever artificial pancreas," which it is not. But it is a step in the right direction, as it pairs the functions of an insulin pump and CGM and is the first such system to offer the controversial threshold suspend function, which automatically shuts off insulin delivery if the user's blood sugar drops too low.

No doubt there are many varying opinions on the real-world performance of this system. Check out Travis' list of Pros and Cons here...






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